Statute, Structure, And Ethical Code


Progetto Continenti is an association established by private act and recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to operate in the field of international cooperation in the countries LOCATED IN THE SOUTHERN EMISPHERE, to operate in Italy in the field of Global Education and promotion of the culture of solidarity and cooperation.

The aims and purposes of the Association are defined in the Statute which also regulates the organization and functioning of the association. The sovereign body of Progetto Continenti is the Assembly of Members which meets once a year, and discusses and decides on the general policy choices of the Association. To become a member of the association, you must submit an application for admission to the National Council after a period of at least one year of concrete activity carried out in support of the Association. The Assembly of Members elects the National Council every three years and approves the annual budget.

The National Council is the governing body that prepares the annual budget, discusses and deliberates the programs in Italy and in the countries of the Southern Emisphere, recruits staff and takes care of the relations with local groups. The Board of Auditors is the control body on the direction of the Association. Its job aims to keep a correct procedure of accounting records and the preparation of the annual financial statements. The statutory body is also the Committee of Local Groups, made up of the directors of the individual groups, meets once a year to plan and coordinate the various activities in the area.

The National Secretariat (ie the organization's technical staff) is directed and coordinated by the Director, appointed by the Assembly on the recommendation of the National Council; it is made up of the offices of Management, Secretariat, Projects, Reporting, Education for global citizenship, Communication, Fundraising, and Administration.

National Council

Presidente Giovanni Penco
Vice Presidente Paolo Semenza
Consigliera Daniela Cordoni
Consigliere Giovanni Paolini
Consigliere Nicola Colapinto

Statute And Deed Of Constitution

Download the statute of Progetto Continenti

(Statuto Progetto Continenti).

Statuto 2019



Ethical code