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In compliance with Law no. 124/2017 on competition and with reference to economic relationships with the Public Administration or other public entities or with the entities referred to in art. 2 bis of d. lgs. 33/2013, associations, foundations, social cooperatives as well as all subjects who have assumed the status of non-profit organization and companies, must comply with the transparency and publicity obligations imposed on them.

We publish below a table with an indication of the public grants received from 2019 to 2021:



The purpose of the Social Report is to develop within our association an information system of a non-exclusively accounting nature, useful both for reporting purposes and for a refinement of planning and control processes and capable of expressing the multidimensionality of the results achieved (social and environmental, as well as economic).
The principles underlying the guidelines of the Agency for Non-Profit Organizations have been adopted for the preparation of the BS of Non-Profit Organizations, pursuant to art. 14, paragraph 1, Legislative Decree n. 117/2017.

The preparation of this second report involved the choice of essential information, but according to a social reporting process that responds to a participatory logic and which will be further developed and applied over time, to guarantee all interested stakeholders useful, clear and reliable information on the association, an effective evaluation of the activities carried out and the results achieved.

This report intends to constitute a phase of a gradual path, which from the analysis of the results achieved in relation to the expressed needs, comes to evaluate the effects also in the long term, through the development of monitoring methodologies, involvement of local partners and institutions , up to a real "monetization" of change.

Bilancio Sociale 2021 English version Pocket

Bilancio Sociale 2021

Relazione al bilancio sociale 2021 del sindaco