La ruta Monseñor Romero in El Salvador

Improvement of the living conditions of the Salvadoran population through the creation of a socio-community tourism route

The tourist itineraries promoted by tour operators, travel agencies or government institutions are geared towards maximizing profits through visits to places of historical, cultural and naturalistic interest in the country. The economic, social and cultural consequences generated do not involve the populations of the more peripheral communities at all or to a small extent.

With this project we want to help the Salvadoran population, in particular the Municipality of Ciudad Barrios, to promote a tourist route that can produce real benefits for the local population.

This path of socio-community tourism passes through some significant places in the history, culture and traditions of the Salvadoran population, passing through places linked to the life and martyrdom of Monsignor Romero, symbol of a Church that is close to the most marginalized.

The itinerary proposal includes a six-stage route (approximately 163.4 km) to be covered with a means of transport in a couple of days, staying in the municipality of Ciudad Barrios and returning the next day to San Salvador.

The main protagonists of the project will be the inhabitants of the town halls being visited, who will be trained to manage / conduct cultural activities and welcome / accompany visitors.

There will be the adaptation of the places visited, starting from the cultural wealth, the historical memory and the experience of the Salvadoran population.

The living conditions of the impoverished families of the identified municipalities will improve both through the redevelopment of their homes, services, the environment in which they live, the quality of the spaces and the places in which they live, but also through the increase in their economic income , thanks to economic activities aimed at offering services for visitors.



CEI Italian Episcopal Conference.

Ruta Monseñor Romero in El Salvador


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