Testamentary Legacies

A testamentary legacy is an act of great civil responsibility towards those you love and those with whom you wish to share your ideals of love and solidarity. For this reason it must be approached with serenity, without fear or superstition. With a testamentary legacy or a donation in memory, for the people we support in our projects, we can transform the pain of a life that has been extinguished in hope for a new life. This gesture of great and noble solidarity allows the fruit of one's work and possessions to become seed for others.

Your past becomes a future for those most in need of help.

Leaving your assets to Progetto Contineti will show us a strong bond of trust and will allow us to welcome and train the neediest young people in the most remote and poor areas of Guatemala or Cambodia, to provide basic health services for mothers and children in difficulty in Hawassa - Ethiopia, guaranteeing food security for Myanmar families and much more.

The importance of the gift does not matter: even small amounts or items can constitute a testamentary legacy.

The appointment of a non-profit organization as heir to a portion of the assets or as a beneficiary of a legacy (that is a special provision), must comply with the limit of the "reserve quota", that is of that share which is legally due to the legitimate heirs: spouse, legitimate, natural, legitimized and adopted children, as well as, in the absence of children, legitimate ancestors. What is not included in the aforementioned quota is defined, instead, as "available quota" and of this it is possible to arrange at will.

The legacy can be small or large. A donation can be in cash, a property, a valuable item or a life insurance policy (the amount of life insurance is not part of the estate and can be made out to the benefit of a charitable institution ).

The legacy  and donation in favor of charitable organizations is then tax-free and is subtracted from the net value of the properties in the calculation of the exact amount of taxes.

This simple and non-binding gesture can in fact be rethought at any time, will support all those in the world who are benefiting and will benefit from our projects and will help to give greater effectiveness, strength and continuity to our work, so that more and more people can be reached by your solidarity.

The Sangkheum Center in Cambodia is helping the poorest young people in Angkor province to find decent work; the Blein Center in Ethiopia welcomes and assists adults and children who could not have had support from any other reality; at our MilFlores Center in Guatemala, the young people we help to prepare for a job come from the poorest and most abandoned families in the area. Also in Nicaragua there is a center that will welcome terminally ill children with cancer ...

Friends, we really count on you.

How nice to leave a part of what has been accumulated throughout a lifetime for the benefit of people we will never meet but who leave their face imprinted inside us (Jesus of Nazareth said the same thing in different words!)

And then ... you all have enough experience to know how true it is that: there is more joy in giving than in receiving!

It is never too late to make plans, to think about the future, to decide to leave a mark of one's generosity.

Thank you for your good heart and your memory.

An affectionate greeting and a big hug,

Giuseppe Florio, 

President and founder of Progetto Continenti.